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  • Where can I purchase A SHIFTING OF STARS?
    A SHIFTING OF STARS can be purchased in print or e-book here: Amazon US Amazon Australia Amazon UK Amazon Canada
  • Will there be more OF STARS books?
    Yes! A SHIFTING OF STARS is the first book in a planned trilogy. The second book will be released in 2022.
  • How can I get more OF STARS content?
    By subscribing to my newsletter, you will be the first to know about future book news! You will also be granted access to the Member’s Section, where you will find some exclusive OF STARS goodies.
  • As a book reviewer, how can I get an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of your upcoming novel(s)?"
    Thank you for being interested in my upcoming works! If you are a book blogger interested in writing a review, head over to my Members Area, where there are opportunities to join my ARC Team.
  • Can you read my manuscript/first chapter and give me advice?
    I’m a big fan of creatives! I appreciate how much time it takes to write something . . . or several somethings! That said, I am sad to say that I am unable to read your work. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just that my books and the books of my beta readers keep me very busy!
  • Can you give me advice on how to self-publish my own novel?
    The biggest piece of advice I can give is to never give up. If you enjoy telling stories, keep writing about what you love until you reach THE END. Beyond that, everyone’s path is different. Research as much as you can to see what best suits your publication goals, then have a go. You can always change your mind midway and try a different route.
  • Can you visit my school, or book club, or present an author talk online?"
    I’m currently closed to author visits (in person and online).
  • May I interview you on my blog?
    I’d be happy to be interviewed on your blog, but it will depend on my schedule. You can contact me via my online form with your request and a link to your website.
  • Do you have social media?
    Yes! I have Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest, and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

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